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Together we can save MILLIONS of gallons.

Drop-A-Brick is thousands of gallons of water savings, right in your toilet. Just plop it in your toilet’s water tank and start saving about half a gallon, every time you flush.

Drop-A-Brick is safe to use, ecologically designed and improves your toilet’s performance. It even saves you money on your water bills. Altogether, Drop-A-Brick might just be the biggest thing to ever happen in your toilet.

United States of Drought

2012 – 2014 North American drought is becoming the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history


Historic Drought

Learn more about the 2012-2014 North American drought and how it continues to affect us.

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#1 Water Waster

Toilets are the home’s biggest water waster. Find out if your toilet sucks more water than it should.

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Discover how you can start saving water and money instantly.

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Toilets consume


30% of indoor water use.

Americans use more water each day by flushing the toilet
than they do by showering or any other activity.


California Residents Without Water
California Residents Without Water

  The California drought emergency has gotten so bad that some towns are actually starting to run dry. In East Porterville, about 75 miles southeast of Fresno, people are starting…

Let’s start a big bowl movement together
Let’s start a big bowl movement together

If there was a simple, inexpensive way to save California 6 billion gallons of drinking water in 90 days – would you support it? That’s the question we’ve been asking…

Australia – a good model for water conservation
Australia – a good model for water conservation

  California is facing its third-worst drought in 106 years with results like fallow cropland and skyrocketing water prices. Drought is nothing new to California, and over the years reducing…


Show you care.

Drop-A-Brick in someone else’s toilet

As part of our IndieGoGo campaign, you can donate Drop-A-Brick’s and we’ll sniff out all the needy toilets we can find. With your generous donation, we will distribute Drop-A-Brick’s to toilets in communities like East Porterville, CA, whose residents have literally run out of water. One Drop-A-Brick can save a household 2 gallons a day per person. For a family of four, that’s 50 extra gallons a week that can be used for bathing, doing laundry and flushing the toilet

In order to distribute donations, we will collaborate with water districts, non-profit organizations, sponsors, businesses, plumbers unions, schools and public servants. If we reach our funding goal, our first priority will be distributing bricks in Tulare County and the city of East Porterville to help provide families there with a simple way to stretch their water supply. Next on the list will be Colusa, El Dorado and Butte Counties.

Thanks for your support. We won’t stop dropping bricks until you do.