California Residents Without Water

California Residents Without Water
September 8, 2014 dropabrick



The California drought emergency has gotten so bad that some towns are actually starting to run dry.

In East Porterville, about 75 miles southeast of Fresno, people are starting to rely on donated bottles of drinking water, and storage tanks supplied by the county. For these residents, day to day living has become a real struggle.

Most homes there depend on private wells, and one by one, they’re going dry. That means every round of dishes, every load of laundry and every flush of the toilet depends on a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of water to fill the tanks. People aren’t able to bathe and are having to send their kids to school in dirty clothes.

One of the saddest parts of this is that no one knows exactly how many families have been affected. People have been fearful to provide information because they’re scared of losing their children to child welfare services, or getting kicked out of their homes. The county had no idea how bad the problem was until they were tipped off by a nonprofit group.

All of this has sparked members of the community to pitch in. One woman, Donna Johnson, has been delivering water to those in need for months. She’s even taken out a loan to pay for the water.

Here’s a list of cities in danger of running out of water. They all happen to be in California at the moment.


Santa Cruz, CA

Fresno, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Hanford, CA

Salinas, CA

Gilroy, CA

Santa Maria, CA

Merced, CA

Madera, CA

Visalia, CA


While water conservation isn’t the only solution to our water problems, it’s an important one. It’s also something we can all do right away to help ease the burden on our disappearing ground water. Check out some tips and discover easy ways to save water at home instantly.


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