The Project

Project: Drop-A-Brick is a collaboration between individuals in San Francisco’s advertising, design and manufacturing industries. The initiative sprang from the classic drought-tactic of placing a real brick in a toilet’s tank to conserve water.

We care that our state is running out of water.

Our hope is that a combination of well-placed potty humor and a rubber brick might just save water for California, and for all the other states that have suffered through serious drought this year: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington.

The initiative’s goal is twofold: raise awareness about the immediate need to save water, and provide an instant conservation solution for as many toilets as possible, as soon as possible. We plan to achieve the latter by offering Drop-A-Bricks for sale at a highly discounted rate, and to enable sponsors to donate them to toilets in need.

All of the project’s participants devoted their time and resources to this project without compensation.

A big thanks to Level 2 Industries for turning away well-paid projects in order to make the Drop-A-Brick; and for the many participants who were not de-turd by the tremendous amount of time and effort required to make this initiative a reality.


Join the movement.

Join the movement