What Is Drop-A-Brick

Toilet, meet Drop-A-Brick.

Drop-A-Brick is thousands of gallons of water-savings, right in your toilet.

It might look like a regular brick, but it’s so much more. What is Drop-A-Brick? Simply put, it’s the most technologically advanced toilet brick ever designed. Ever.


Plug your drought hole.

Despite having the country’s strictest toilet standards, the average flush in California is 1.1 gallons over the Federal standard. That adds up to 203 million gallons of wasted municipal drinking water every day.

Drop-A-Brick conserves about half a gallon per flush – an average of 3,000 gallons a year for the average household. If everyone in California used one, the state would save 6 billion gallons in just 90 days – enough water for 32 million people to drink for an entire year. If that fact alone doesn’t inspire you to Drop-A-Brick in your toilet right now, then maybe this will: it feels great.


Simplicity and elegance. In your toilet.

Drop-A-Brick is the most elegant way to lay a brick in your toilet. It plops seamlessly into the top tank, displacing about half a gallon and instantly tricking your tank into filling up with less water. Some might call that deception. We call it genius. .

Provides a royal flush

There’s nothing worse than a weak flush. It’s a major cause of double- and tripleflushing. Not only does Drop-A-Brick work perfectly with older toilets and even late model Ultra Low Flow Toilets (ULF) –– it also improves your toilet’s performance by increasing the downward acceleration of water through the flush valve. The result: a more robust and satisfying flush.

If you have a 1.2 gallon High Efficiency Toilet manufactured in the last few years, then Drop-A-Brick might displace more water than your toilet can handle, and you won’t get a proper flush. Don’t know what kind of toilet you have ? 


The toilet brick. Revolutionized.

People have been placing bricks in their toilet cisterns for decades. But the practice has always had its problems: namely that clay bricks can start to disintegrate in water and ruin your plumbing. And they’re often too big to fit in the smaller-sized tanks of most modern toilets without damaging delicate flushing mechanisms.

Drop-A-Brick is design-optimized for your toilet. It’s soft and made out of natural materials, so it will last for years and will never leech any nasty stuff into your commode. We’ll leave that bit to you.

Save more money for the things you love.

You have a rich and varied life outside the bathroom. But in the last decade, many of our nation’s cities have endured water rate hikes topping 200%, making it harder to spend on the things you love. Drop-A-Brick will do better than just save you thousands of gallons, it’ll save you money on your water bills, too. So stop dropping gold bricks on your water bill.


Pinch a brick. It feels great.

Go ahead. Give it a squeeze. Drop-A-Brick is made of natural rubber with a revolutionary hydro-gel core, so it safely conforms to the many different shapes of toilet tanks old and new. It can even bend around plumbing. It’s so squishy and fun, you’ll want to invite your friends over so they can pinch a brick, too.

Green brick in your toilet.

Drop-A-Brick is ecologically designed from the inside out. Its skin is manufactured from a natural rubber harvested by tapping Hevea trees, themselves valued for the rapid regeneration of deforested areas. Natural rubber is also a high quality material that won’t stiffen or break down like inexpensive rubbers. So you can Drop-A-Brick in your toilet today and be certain that it will still be in there years from now.

It grows.

Inside Drop-A-Brick is a teaspoon of a miracle material called hydro-gel powder. Originally developed as a way to retain moisture in arid soil, it’s non-toxic, nonhazardous and environmentally safe.

Upon contact with water, the hydro-gel rapidly transforms into a jelly-like mass, growing to over one hundred times its original volume. That means your Drop-A-Brick will stay submerged, so you’ll never be surprised by a floating brick in your toilet.

Ninety percent lighter than the competition

Designing the world most ecological toilet brick isnt' just about using sustainable
materials. Its very form is designed to below impact. Drop-A-Brick is 90% lighter than
a traditional brick and collapses down to a quarter of it's full size. That keeps shipping
costs low while remaining its carbon footprint.

Eliminate unwanted leakage.

Toilet leaks can lose about 19 gallons every five minutes, or 164,000 gallons in a month. Not something you want to discover on your next water bill. Drop-A-Brick comes with a food-grade die tablet that will alert you to drought-boosting leaks before you’re alarmed by your water bill.

Show you care.
Drop-A-Brick in someone else’s toilet

You can donate Drop-A-Brick’s and we’ll sniff out all the needy toilets we can find.